The Center for Psychotherapy and Resiliency offers seminars (5 week sessions or 10 week sessions ) for childrenadolescents, and adults.  Each group is cognitive behavioral therapy based in order to promote resiliency. The CBT model works to create resiliency; thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, each one affects the other. CBT is based on the principal that problems are not caused by situations, but by how we interpret them in our thoughts; these can then affect our feelings and actions. How individuals cope with the pain, sadness, and emotional distress is exhibited through their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Each session will have a specific topic suitable for a specific age group; one theme clients learn is distorted beliefs, or learning how to identify a helpful versus unhelpful thought in order to determine a way of reacting to a situation. Sessions will also teach clients to rate how ‘real’ their thoughts are. Just because a person thinks something, does not mean that thought is automatically true. This useful life skill will allow you or even your child to better make sense of their own interpretations of their world. Some other themes include: communication skills, how to change beliefs, and how to use CBT to deal with stress. All of these lessons will foster the tools necessary for a child to further develop resiliency. Our seminars will teach skills that can be used in life at home, school, and work. 

There is not only an influence of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but alsoYoga & Mindfulness, Nutrition and Art. By combining different practices, clients will have more ways of self-expression, communication, exploration of their feelings, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, managing behavior, developing social skills, improving reality orientation, reducing anxiety, and increasing self-esteem.

Combining these elements fosters Resiliency